OXCEL was founded as an independent professional leadership organization in the City of Oxford, United Kingdom, in 1999 with the OXCEL name being derived from the title OXford CEntre for Leadership. The founders envisioned an international organization that would bring together leaders in business, the public sector and voluntary service. Having established a strong and dynamic presence in South-East Asia in the early years of the twenty-first century, OXCEL quickly expanded and incorporated both in the United Kingdom and overseas. Growth was particularly strong in Malaysia, where OXCEL’s success led to the involvement of many leading individuals in major organizations who qualified through the OXCEL Certification Programme. In addition, OXCEL established representative branches in Indonesia, Cambodia, the People’s Republic of China and Bahrain.

seminar5The heart of OXCEL’s activity has always been in educating and assessing leaders. The Certification Programme is the most visible aspect of this. In the past, seminars featuring leading business speakers have been organized both conventionally and also under the brand “Global Learning Café” which offered delegates an immersive cultural experience with exposure not only to learning experiences but to art, music and food.

OXCEL does not have its own campus, but operates via distance and blended learning at locations internationally, hiring or renting premises as is necessary to conduct seminars, lectures and events. OXCEL’s administration in the United Kingdom handles our mail and routes communications to officers as necessary. OXCEL Asia-Pacific maintains its office in Kuala Lumpur. OXCEL is managed by its Advisory Council.

>>Advisory Council

OXCEL – The Oxford Centre for Leadership is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with Provider Reference Number 10063798. OXCEL certifications are listed in the 39th edition of British Qualifications: A Complete Guide to Professional Vocational and Academic Qualifications in the UK (Kogan Page) “the definitive one-volume guide to every recognized qualification on offer in the United Kingdom”.

>>Status of OXCEL awards

Award and graduation ceremonies in exclusive venues in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Malaysia have been a regular feature of OXCEL’s work, often with several ceremonies each year. OXCEL Certifications and Awards are presented at these splendid events and delegates have the opportunity to experience the unique culture of a historic global city. From 2008 onwards, OXCEL developed a close partnership with European-American University (France, Florida, USA, Panama) and evolved a popular dual award scheme with the University which continues today.

seminar2Between 2011 and 2013, OXCEL was rebranded as the Oxford Centre for Excellence (OXCELL) which was incorporated in Malaysia, and until 2013 it also held membership of the European Council for Business Education, hosting several events which were attended by officers of that organization.

Following the death of the founder and President of OXCEL, Dr Saiful Bahri Musa, in December 2013, the OXCEL organization was re-established by a group of educationalists who had formerly been closely involved with its operation. Today, OXCEL continues to offer a distinctive and inspiring vision to the leadership community of tomorrow.

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