The OXCEL network has embraced branches in Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, China (Hong Kong), Bahrain, Cambodia and Indonesia. Today, OXCEL is looking actively for affiliates to collaborate in delivering the OXCEL Certification programmes and grow our network into the coming decades. Contact us with your organization’s proposals.

OXCEL Corporate Training Certification

OXCEL has established its brand in the marketplace through a strong commitment to quality of service. Now widely recognized, it is offering certification of other Corporate Training and Development Programmes throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

OXCEL dedicated facilitators will then assess the programme’s suitability based around the company’s core values and syllabus. Certification will be provided based on the course merits and may require an additional OXCEL “top-up” assessment to meet the required standards. OXCEL Certification will be provided to all those who pass the assessment and course.

ChinaAffiliations entered into before 2015

With OXCEL’s re-launch under new management in 2015 all affiliation agreements entered into prior to that year were abrogated. However, it has been agreed that all such agreements will be renewed by OXCEL on similar terms as applied previously, and former affiliates should apply directly to OXCEL for a new agreement by contacting us.

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