OXCEL is a private United Kingdom certification body that is not within the UK state education system and cannot award degrees by law. The certification programme offered by OXCEL leads to diploma and/or certificate awards which are not degrees. In the United Kingdom, no governmental authority, recognition, licensing or accreditation is required for a private professional body to award its own diplomas or certificates and many such bodies do so. These awards are fully legal United Kingdom qualifications which are designed for independent professionals, most of whom work in the private sector and are seeking an award for professional and personal development.

OXCEL – The Oxford Centre for Leadership is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with Provider Reference Number 10063798. The UKRLP does not quality assure or accredit in any way the learning provision of the provider. However, registration with the UKRLP does serve as an official confirmation that the education provider’s existence and details have been verified by a UK government agency.

OXCEL certifications are listed in the 39th edition of British Qualifications: A Complete Guide to Professional Vocational and Academic Qualifications in the UK (Kogan Page) “the definitive one-volume guide to every recognized qualification on offer in the United Kingdom”.

While OXCEL certifications have been recognized for credit by some overseas degree-awarding bodies, the degrees issued by those bodies are not United Kingdom awards, nor are they designed to be comparable to United Kingdom awards, although they are not necessarily of lesser standing.

OXCEL’s name derives from its foundation in the City of Oxford in 1999. It is an independent professional association and has no connection with the University of Oxford.