The fees below are for certificate and diploma programmes awarded by OXCEL – The Oxford Centre for Leadership in the United Kingdom. Administration and the payment of fees are co-ordinated from OXCEL’s addresses in London, UK, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some of OXCEL’s programmes are offered jointly with an overseas degree award conferred by European-American University. In these programmes the student graduates with a double award, consisting firstly of a diploma from OXCEL. This qualification is then validated by European-American University using the French VAE law that allows candidates to qualify for a degree on the basis of the assessment of their prior credentials and experience. Further information about the status of European-American University can be found here.

The facility of a modular payment plan is offered for those who prefer this method, but this is the only available fee concession. There is no scholarship or bursary scheme, since we prefer to keep fees at an affordable rate for all. A wide range of external organizations offer financial help, often in the form of loans, to candidates whose fees are not paid by an employer or sponsor and who are not able to fund themselves.

Although fees are subject to change without notice, it is our policy not to increase fees for students already enrolled on a programme.

Programme Fees
Fees are given in UK Pounds Sterling (GB£). We can also accept payment in US Dollars or Euros, and some other currencies by arrangement.

Certificate of OXCEL – £350

Associate Diploma of OXCEL – £550 (includes joint award of Associate Degree of European-American University)

Graduate Diploma of OXCEL – £1500 (includes joint award of BBA Degree of European-American University)

Postgraduate Diploma of OXCEL – £2,500 (includes joint award of MBA Degree of European-American University)

Fellow of OXCEL – £3,500 (includes joint award of DBA Degree of European-American University)

For details of which services are included in the Programme Fee, please refer to Schedule 2 of our Terms and Conditions.

Additional Fees
The programme fees do not include the following: the purchase or hire of books or other resource materials; the cost of printing and binding written work; any ancillary costs such as postage or telephone/internet contact which may be incurred during the programme; additional copies of graduation documentation (including replacement of lost documentation) or any other letter issued by OXCEL; the supply of Apostilles.

The programme fees also do not include attendance at any event, such as lectures, CPD seminars, conferences or awards ceremonies. Where these are made available in a candidate’s region, and they may not always be available, they will always be subject to separate, additional costs. Similarly, candidates are responsible for all fees involved in participating in third party events that are then assessed for credit in the programme. No attendance at any event is required to complete an OXCEL certification because there are alternative means of fulfilling the diploma requirements through project papers and extended essays, as well as through AP(E)L – the accreditation of prior experiential and certificated learning for experienced candidates.

Students should budget separately for these costs. There are extra fees applicable for dual degree programmes for graduates of European-American University who wish to continue to a degree validated by one of European-American University’s partner institutions. These fees are obtainable from the University.

There is no fee for application.

If a candidate fails to respond to contact from their mentor and the administration for a period of thirty days, they will be de-matriculated. Re-matriculation is possible but carries a fee of £120.

No candidate may graduate from OXCEL until all applicable fees have been received.

All errors and omissions excepted. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Embassy legalization/Apostille
It is possible in some cases to arrange for Embassy legalization/Apostille for degree documentation. This service is only required in certain countries. We do not provide this service itself but can suggest third party providers with whom the graduate can contract on their own initiative and at their own expense. However, intending purchasers should note that this can be a very expensive process.

Payment of Fees

Methods of payment

Details of how to send payment will be sent to students at the time of enrolment. All payments received must be net of any bank or currency transfer fees which are the responsibility of the candidate.

1. Bank to Bank (wire) Transfer (preferred)
Instruct your bank that we must receive the exact amount invoiced. Only the amount received will be credited to your account. Please inform us that this is your favoured payment method and we will send you our bank details. Note that for certain high-risk countries we will not release bank details under any circumstances. In this event, you will need to use an alternative form of payment.

2. Western Union
Under certain circumstances (which need to be cleared with us in advance) you may transfer funds via your local Western Union branch. This is often both at least as fast as and less expensive than other payment methods.

3. Credit Card Payments
PAYMENT ONLINE: You can use a secure payment server to pay using any major credit card. Once your application is accepted, let us know this is your favoured method of payment and we will send you an email invoice that you can pay online. Please note that this option is not available for all countries.

If you are paying in a modular payment plan (see below), we can make things even easier for you. Once your payment plan has been approved, you can set up a schedule for online credit card invoicing at specified intervals.

Always remember to label your payment clearly and accurately. Under no circumstances should you send cash through the post or send us your credit card details; we do not process credit cards directly.

4. Payment via Bank Drafts, Cheques (checks)
We do not accept bankers drafts or cheques because of the increased prevalence of fraud using these methods.

Modular payment plans

A modular payment plan may be proposed by the student for agreement by OXCEL. Where modular payment of any portion of fees has been granted, the payments must be received on or before the due date. Where arrears occur, we will not send a reminder, but instead will automatically de-matriculate the candidate. Re-matriculation is possible, subject to a £120 fee, payment of arrears, and OXCEL’s discretion. If re-matriculation does not occur within 90 days of de-matriculation, the candidate will be dismissed from their programme without any refund of fees already paid. Candidates at risk of falling into arrears should contact the administration to discuss their situation. DO NOT engage in a modular payment arrangement unless you are absolutely confident that you can meet the associated terms. Unless all fees have been received (and all academic requirements completed satisfactorily), a candidate cannot graduate.

A modular payment plan is not a credit plan or an instalment scheme, because there is neither a loan nor a debt and each payment is for a specified time period of registration (so if a programme is of two years’ duration and a modular payment scheme of four equal payments is agreed, each payment covers registration for six months). The arrangement can be cancelled by the candidate by withdrawing from their programme at any point without further payments being due. Each payment is also subject to a separate 14-day cooling-off period during which the decision to withdraw from the programme may be communicated to OXCEL and a refund of the payment in question processed.


No liability can be accepted for payments not received and cleared by our bankers. Payments received are normally paid to the bank on the same day, and should be expected to clear ca. 7-10 days after. We accept no responsibility for cash payments, or any means of payment which is not specifically made out as directed. Proof of sending does not constitute proof of receipt. All charges made to us for banking transactions will be added to the candidate’s account balance.


You have the legal right to cancel and receive a refund within 14 days of your payment being received by us. Please see our Terms and Conditions which contain details of our Cancellation Policy (in Schedule 1).

After this period, with the exception of arrangements for students on modular payment plans as detailed above, there is no obligation for us to offer any refund and any arrangements that may be entered into are entirely on a discretionary basis.