Overseas degree award pathways

OXCEL works together with academic bodies that will give credit for the work that has been done for OXCEL diplomas and certificates. Thus once the necessary additional work has been completed, OXCEL members are able to receive further academic awards from these bodies.

While OXCEL Certifications are not degrees, they may be accepted for credit towards degree programmes by arrangement with specific overseas (non-UK) universities.  The option of a dual OXCEL certification plus overseas degree award has proved very popular over the years and the information provided below shows the necessary requirements to earn these awards. OXCEL is a recognized centre of European-American University (Florida (USA), France, Panama), which can give academic credit for OXCEL certifications.


European-American University’s validation agreements with the Universidad Panamericana, Costa Rica (UPA), Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (Business University of Costa Rica, UNEM), and the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz, Costa Rica (USJDLC), provide a further reciprocal award opportunity for those who have obtained the European-American University degree and then want a route to a government-accredited (non-UK) degree at an additional fee but without additional academic work being required. In addition, through the membership of the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz in the Centro de Educación Superior – Consorcio Universitario Americano (CDES), graduates have the opportunity to gain a triple reciprocal degree – the European-American University degree, a reciprocal degree from the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz (accredited by the Costa Rican government) and a further degree from a choice of seventeen other partner institutions, all of which are accredited by either the Mexican, Costa Rican or Paraguayan governments.

Degrees issued by European-American University and the validating universities listed above are not United Kingdom degrees, nor are they designed to be comparable to United Kingdom degrees, although they are not necessarily of lesser standing. The degrees of European-American University may be issued under several different national authorities depending on the field of the degree and the preference of the student. The University is registered as a private provider of higher education in France and as an international private university in Panama. Certain degrees in religious areas may additionally be awarded under its status as a religious degree-granting institution in the State of Florida, USA (as European-American University and Theological Seminary). The Universidad Panamericana, Costa Rica (UPA), Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (Business University of Costa Rica, UNEM), and Universidad San Juan de la Cruz, Costa Rica (USJDLC), are all fully recognized by the government of Costa Rica. The university-level institutions that are members of the CDES are all fully recognized by their respective governments.

Full details of European-American University and its reciprocal agreements, including further information about accreditation and legal status, can be found at the University’s website www.europeanamericanuniversity.org Special fees apply to OXCEL graduates.