How to apply

Applying for an OXCEL Certification

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To begin the application process, please send a copy of your current resume/curriculum vitae in Word or PDF format to the relevant email address on the Contact page with an indication of the level of certification you are interested in. Where OXCEL delivers its programmes in your country through an affiliate, we will normally refer your application to them.

Information about award fees can be found here:


Please bear in mind that OXCEL accepts candidates worldwide but cannot always arrange its own seminars, CPD or other events in every country or, in some cases, at all. In such situations it is acceptable to transfer seminar attendance and CPD from other providers of appropriate standard into the certification programme, but the organization of this will be the responsibility of the candidate. Each certification can also be completed by distance learning without attendance at any events, by taking the alternative routes of project paper and extended essay. There is also provision for the assessment of prior learning and experience for the advanced candidate and this can then be applied for credit against all levels of award.