Important note concerning OXCEL events

It is important to note that the availability of all events will depend on the region concerned, and upon demand and other factors, including the prevailing economic climate and the numbers of candidates enrolled on the certification programme. Some regions may not run events at all, while in others the range of events may be limited. It is not compulsory to attend any events in order to complete the requirements of OXCEL Certification, because in each case there is an alternative in the form of a project paper or extended essay.

Continuing Professional Development Seminar

OXCEL CPD SeminarsOXCEL Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars have been based on OXCEL’s 9 Qualities of Leadership. These sessions have allowed the participant to gain insight from internationally renowned speakers who shared actual business ideas, challenges and solutions, rather than concentrating on theory.

In the past, the CPD seminars have been conducted at boutique themed cafes which we term “Global Learning Cafés” that allowed participants to experience different cultures via art, music and food.

International Conference

OXCEL International ConferenceThe OXCEL International Conference is a one day conference that has previously been held in capital cities all around the world, more recently focusing on major cities in the United Kingdom. The conferences have been memorable events combining world-class business speakers with entertainment from jazz quartets, themed hall decorations and exquisite food choices to create a hybrid conference that is relaxing while still being informative and beneficial.

OXCEL International Conference 1 OXCEL International Conference 2OXCEL International Conference 3conference commentsAwards Ceremony

The OXCEL awards ceremony is generally held at a major city in the United Kingdom and has also taken place in Greece and Malaysia in the past. These splendid events bring together OXCEL’s achievers as they receive their OXCEL Certifications in a formal ceremony with cap and gown.

Awards 08-09 Awards 09 Awards 07-08Other Events

HE Tea Banh HonFellowOXCELIndonesia OXCEL launchBahrain OXCEL launchOXCEL CEO Talks

OXCEL’s “The CEO Talks @ KL Tower” took OXCEL to the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and the world’s fifth tallest telecommunications tower. These were a series of executive sessions that promoted a deeper understanding of the impact of leadership and the constant change all around us. The talks addressed all aspects of culture, management and leadership. The talks were extremely well received and aimed to broaden the perspectives and knowledge of all the participants.

OXCEL KL Tower CEO Talks 1 OXCEL KL Tower CEO Talks 2