network5OXCEL Networker EventsOXCEL’s networking events have provided a great informal network of like-minded members who have met to communicate, share innovative ideas and topics while at the same time relaxing and unwinding at the events. Events that have been held in the past include visits to a free trade zone, networking barbeques, concerts at the Philharmonic, plays at leading theatres and a golf tournament.

OXCEL NetworkerAchievers’ Dinners

Events2 events1OXCEL Peer SupportMany past events have been organized through OXCEL’s Peer Support scheme. This scheme has enabled members to invite other members to celebrate their achievement, new product launches or personal events such as weddings or festive gatherings. Much more than a simple networking event, it has allowed members to get to know each other and be a part of their lives and activities.

OXCEL Peer Support events